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Vatican Museums Sistine Chapel Tour for Groups

The Tour

L’itinerario del tour porta i visitatori attraverso le aree religiose e culturali più significative all’interno dei Musei Vaticani: il Pio Clementino (antichità classica), la Galleria delle Mappe Geografiche e degli Arazzi (arte rinascimentale), le Stanze di Raffaello e la Cappella Sistina. La visita consiste in un tour di circa due ore e mezzo in italiano con una guida ufficiale della Provincia di Roma.

Tour Description

Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel for Groups

It is often said that if you spent one minute looking at every piece of art in the Vatican Museums, it would take four years to finish. Let us save you time and confusion by guiding you through the best of the best in a 3-hour tour, packed with history, art and fun facts about what is arguably Rome’s finest treasure.
The Vatican Museums are among the most important art collections in the world, hosting over 1400 individual rooms. This is your opportunity to immerse yourself in a once in a lifetime experience. Sign up for our top-rated Vatican Morning Tour and you won’t merely just walk through with the masses, but rather, live this phenomenal adventure through art. Admire the works of Michelangelo and Raphael, feel the beauty of their frescoes and hear how they achieved these masterpieces of Renaissance art. Our guides are both passionate and knowledgeable so this is your chance to exceed your expectations with a tour that is personal and of the highest quality.
Choosing this tour, you will be given access to the privileged entrance, which leads you right into the magnificent Saint Peter’s Basilica.
Please remember to dress appropriately. The Sistine Chapel is a holy place and attire must be appropriate for the visit, so shoulders and knees need to be covered before entering.

The Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel

Our most popular Vatican tour with thousands of excellent reviews. No other company can get you in faster thanks to our special Official Partner entrance. See the Vatican Museums as they were meant to be seen with the Raphael Rooms, Sistine Chapel.

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