Corridori Viaggi

Rossetti Group

The Group

ROSSETTI Family Group operate in tourism and for tourists in the vatican area since the secon half of 1700.

well known in the heart of rome for their courtesy and professional approach, the family ROSSETTI own and directly manage all their tourist structures. 

All locted in the very heart of the Eternal City , the structures host thousands of visitors from all over the word on a daily basis. 

always has a solution for all your needs in the Eternal City since ever from lodging with its elegant “HOTEL SAN PAOLO” or the central “ DOMUS LIBERIUS B&B” to the organization of guided tours of the Sistine Chapel or the Colosseum with “CORRIDORI VIAGGI” travel agency, passing through catering with its roomy and refined “ SATIRICUS” restaurant or the famous “CAFFE SAN PIETRO”.

And not to forget souvenirs and religious articles, such as its highly valuable mosaics of the shop “ Domus Artis” to the most simple rosary of the shop “ Vacanze Romane”.